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Our Quality Statement

Performance Improvement believes in recognizing the critical importance of quality in our work product, and in establishing the framework to assure quality delivery and to measure performance.  We know how critical quality is to our clients and prospects  in providing a proven methodology that is driven to deliver complete satisfaction and provide value-added assessment and analysis services.  

Within our approach and methodology, Quality Assurance is conducted throughout the project workflow at key milestones. Our Team will validate requirements and quality control the formal assessments from the milestone reviews. The Quality Assurance review will be an ongoing process with formal review and approval points (milestones) as part of the work plan. 

Quality service is, and will continue to be, the highest priority for this project.  We emphasize the importance of strong relationships with the business owners and information systems.  This approach demands a high level of direct involvement with all levels of the organization. 

Quality will not be measured by how well we think we are performing project work effort (against the work plan).  But how well our customers - business owners and executive management think we are performing our work effort. We do not assume that the absence of negative feedback from our customers implies satisfaction. Therefore, we will solicit our clients’ comments through a quality service questionnaire so that they can inform us about their perception of the quality of our work effort. We can then assess our performance and act in ways to our process for the next areas we assess.

Client satisfaction is vitally important to our Team, as we know it is to our clients.


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