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BPM Services - Process Management

Performance Improvement is positioned to help higher education, governments and businesses improve their processes and systems by utilizing our expertise in the following core areas:

Baseline Diagnostic Assessment

The Baseline Diagnostic Assessment analyzes the entire process with a Holistic view of how the information flows from process tasks including how the people and systems interact with the information in order to complete work throughput processing.  This includes all associated documents.  This assessment identifies core process related issues and improvement opportunities resulting in recommendations that address non-technology improvements and those requiring an appropriate technology.  The assessment also presents appropriate next steps for management decision-making.

Performance Improvement has conducted many baseline assessments based on document management and BPM process needs.  We also conducted detailed needs analysis based on findings from our diagnostic assessment.  We have performed assessments across many industries including higher education, government, healthcare, financial services to name a few.

Business Process Management

Because of day-to-day pressing duties and responsibilities, companies find it difficult to free up time to work on value-added projects that lead to increased profitability and better ways of conducting business. Performance Improvement’s experienced professionals not only perform many financial, operational, and system-related projects that identify business issues, but also work to provide creative solutions that build stronger, more profitable and competitive companies. Performance Improvement’s roots & focus is business process management (BPM) from process improvement to process re-design/ re-engineering utilizing appropriate technology as change enabler(s) such as BPM & workflow along with array of content & document management tools.  We perform both baseline diagnostic assessment using our ‘Process-Centric’ holistic methodology to define baseline process requirements needs for:

  1. Defining improvement opportunities

  2. Defining ROI needed for business case justification

  3. Improving process and operations performance

  4. Identifying appropriate technologies to enable process improvements

  5. Presenting to Executive Management for feasibility and justification needs

Performance Improvement provides business process management (BPM) consulting services to the services sector with a focus on higher education, insurance and healthcare.

Our healthcare expertise includes understand reimbursement business process requirement needs and identifying appropriate technology tools for developing & implementing a ‘best practice’ reimbursement and collections solution. Our core Business Process Management (BPM) healthcare service offerings include highly functional Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and Denials Management methodologies that utilize a proven process improvement/ redesign comprehensive approach for improving ‘bottom-line’ Net Revenue, Cash Flow and Customer Service Quality.   Most recent examples of our ‘bottom-line’ opportunity savings for a leading diagnostic testing laboratory during due diligence diagnostic review and ‘discovery’ of private insurance denial processes provided following highlights:

Ø      Projected first quarter savings of between $8-10 million dollars from redesigned denials processes from processing improvements with procurement & implementation of BPM/EDMS technologies for denials BPM solution implementation.   This represents a decrease in bad debt write-offs of 30% from annual run-rate of $30 million dollars bad debt expense for Private Insurance claims processing; and

Ø      Reduced DSO from average 125 to 55 days or 56% reduction resulting in reduced cycle time and accelerating cash flow.

We also conduct process-centric assessments with records management as a core requirement interest for streamlining and automating records using content/ document management based technologies.

We have conducted many BPM and document management based process needs analysis across many industries including government, healthcare, financial services to name a few.    Please click here to view our client portfolio.

BPM/ Content Management (such as EDMS & Workflow) Tool Selection 

As companies grow, they experience the need for new information systems such as imaging, workflow & BPM, document management. Our professionals perform an objective, independent, and thorough review of client company needs and vendor specifications before recommending a new business system.  We take into account both current needs and future initiatives to recommend a feasible, cost- effective system.  Typically Performance Improvement will assist our clients throughout the procurement process where we have completed Assessment and BPM services.


Implementation Services Oversight Control

Performance Improvement professionals can also assist in actual implementation of the system at both project manager (certified) and project staff levels.  We provide chief oversight control where we have worked with client in procuring a technology and overseeing implementation. We assist clients with this primarily by ensuring requirements are developed meeting the conceptual design. Our selection and implementation experience includes a variety of medium to large-sized systems.

Our consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • High-Level Operations Diagnostic:   A holistic assessment of people, process and technology of a target operation to identify core issues and improvement opportunities resulting in recommendations for addressing appropriate next steps for management decision-making.
  • Process Improvement:   A fundamental rethinking and restructuring of target core processes to bring about incremental improvements in performance by achieving strategic objectives of increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved quality, and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Process Redesign:   A fundamental rethinking and restructuring of target core processes to bring about dramatic improvements in performance by achieving strategic objectives of increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved quality, and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Process Management:   The method for designing and continuous monitoring, measuring, and improving processes driven by quality criteria and principles. By enhancing efficiency and effectiveness, process management focuses on quality and throughput factors for efficiency and responsiveness.  Optimizing both factors offer the potential for process excellence to deliver improved customer satisfaction and ultimately, to offer increased profits, high growth, and long term business stability. The aspects of a process or system that are of interest in process management include the infrastructure, the culture, the knowledge, the human resource, and the methods or approaches.
  • Process Workflow Modeling:   The logical mapping of all inputs, outputs, and function-centric work activities / tasks and required knowledge flow through the process resulting in a process definition. Process modeling can be either static or dynamic (simulation) depending on need and software. Once the process has been documented the diagnosis can proceed.
  • Process Analysis:   The time-based valuation analysis of mapped work activities / tasks using the documented process map as the baseline for valuating the process.
  • Process Implementation:   Involves final validation of the process and controlled dissemination throughout an organization. This includes, procuring and installing tools and equipment required for the process, as well as training activities required for correct application of the new process.

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